Extract Meaningful Data Analytics Insights for your Entire Organization

As an industry-leading data analytics consultancy, I.S. provides companies with clear and actionable insights in real-time, guiding strategic decision-making.

We believe data should drive every business decision. I.S.’s data analytics consulting team is highly-skilled at transforming your raw data into clear insights, empowering your team to make stronger decisions. Through strategic business intelligence techniques, data warehouse development, data visualization, machine learning, and advanced analytics consulting, we design, develop, and implement data analytics solutions catered to fit your organization’s needs.

Whether you need to visualize your financial data, analyze your customers’ behavior, access HR data, or evaluate your sales and marketing pipeline, our data analytics consulting team can help. Our big data consulting services ensure that your data is clear and accessible so you can get a holistic understanding of your company overall, drive business growth, and gain a competitive advantage.

Data Analytics
Consulting Service Offerings

Our data and analytics consulting team can take care of each stage of your data warehouse development. Whether you need to build a data warehouse from scratch, optimize your current warehouse, or simply need remote management, we are ready to helpWith a strong focus on the cloud in Azure, AWS (Amazon Web Services), GCP (Google Cloud), Snowflake, and more, our data analytics consulting team can meet your data and analytics needs. 

Data Integrations & Transformation

Our data engineering consultants handle integrations between your systems and a database or BI tool. We connect the dots from CRMERP, web apps, and more to give every user the empowerment to make confident, data-driven decisions for every function and level. 

Data Analytics Strategy

Our team works with clients to better leverage their big data, providing your organization with clear and actionable insights, and delivering complete visibility and the power to make quick, informed decisions.

Modern Data Architecture

We can help modernize your data systems and assets to improve scalability as your data needs become increasingly complex.

Cloud Analytics Migration & Engineering

We can help your organization deploy scalable cloud analytics to provide improved security, lower costs, and enhanced scalability.

Data Warehousing

With a strong focus on the cloud in Azure, AWS (Amazon Web Services), GCP (Google Cloud), Snowflake, and more, we are ready to help with all your data warehousing needs.

Enterprise Data Management

We help set up secure data processes to ensure your organization is focused on data quality, security, accuracy, and excellent governance.