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Multi-language web application

  • Add Extra RTL / LTR languages
  • Support Arabic language
  • Visitors can choose the ideal language and the system will remember there choices
  • Add the content with same page no need to create extra pages for multi-language pages
  • multi-language for pages – products – categories – options and control panel

Online payment integration

  • Add online payments to your website/mobile app
  • Credit cards – Debit cards – Fawry – Masary – Paypal – Mobile Wallets
  • Bank Installments, and valU Installments

SMS integration

  • Easily SMS-enable your website, application or customer relationship management platform with SMS API inside or outside Egypt
  • Send SMS to your customers or registered users
  • Send SMS to confirm mobile numbers of new users
  • Send SMS to confirm orders or change of shipping status
  • … etc
  • fees not including SMS prices ( about EGP 0.25/message )
  • English or Arabic SMS